Car accident injuries happen in several ways. The one element they all have in common is the negligence of at least one driver involved.  Even though vehicular collisions are popularly called “accidents,” the truth is that they don’t occur unless someone makes a poor decision.  Distracted driving, inattentive driving, or drunk driving are common causes for drivers to make poor driving decisions that can lead to collisions, and ultimately, auto accident injuries.

Here are some common types of car accidents:

Head-On Collision – This type of car accident often happens at higher speeds, and often when one driver crosses over the center line and into oncoming lane of travel. This can happen when drivers are looking down, texting and driving, or even falling asleep at the wheel.

Rear End Collision – This is a very common type of collision, and it can also be the most dangerous because many times, the non-negligent driver can’t avoid the crash. Rear-end collisions are so common, that just about everyone you ask has either been in one, seen one, or knows someone who has been in one. They often occur when drivers are stopped for red lights, stopped in congested traffic, and are surrounded by other cars and can’t avoid the accident.

Multi-Car Crashes – These are car accidents that occur with at least three vehicles.  Rear-end car accidents commonly involve several vehicles, and it is not uncommon to read about 9 or 10 vehicle pile-ups on the highway.

Sideswipe – This type of car accident happens when two vehicles collide side by side, usually when traveling alongside each other in the same direction on roadways, but also often when passing each other in parking lots.

Intersection Collision – This type of collision happens at intersections where streets cross, usually perpendicular to each other.  There should always be a controlling traffic signal for cars at intersections: a stop sign, red/yellow/green traffic light, or maybe a yield sign. If you are involved in a car accident at an intersection, be sure to gather and preserve as much evidence as you can, because fault for these accidents is usually disputed, and the result may depend on the word of each driver.  Therefore, if you can take photos, videos, or obtain the names and phone numbers of witnesses who saw the car accident, you will be much better prepared when the other driver apologizes at the scene, and later tells their insurance company a different story.

Rollover – This type of car accident can be very dangerous, often resulting in fatal car accident injuries. It happens when a vehicle rolls onto its side, often off of the road.  They can happen in single-car crashes when the driver loses control, or they can happen when one vehicle strikes another.

Turning Vehicles – This type of car accident happens when one vehicle turns in front of another.  One common scenario is: when one vehicle is heading straight in one direction, and another vehicle turns from the opposite direction toward a private driveway or side street, but the turning driver mistakenly believes he has enough time to make the turn in front of oncoming traffic and collides with the vehicle going straight.  Another common scenario happens when a driver is exiting a private drive and preparing to turn right onto a major roadway – often, at the same time, another vehicle is changing lanes from the center to the right lane, and neither driver sees the other coming.

MotorcycleMotorcycle accidents can lead to severe injuries, since motorcycle riders are often ejected from the bike.  Motorcycle accidents sometimes happen when the motorcycle driver is careless, going around other vehicles, bobbing and weaving in traffic, or crashing into turning vehicles. But just as often, the motorcycle rider is careful, but other inattentive drivers don’t see the motorcycle rider, and an accident occurs.  When you see a motorcycle rider on the road, always keep a safe distance.

Pedestrian – This type of collision happens when a vehicle strikes a pedestrian. It often happens at crosswalks, when turning vehicles are hurrying to their destinations and distracted drivers don’t see folks crossing the street. Pedestrian accident injuries from these kinds of collisions can be minor or very severe.  Property damage from a car accident involving a pedestrian can also be very minor.  Always call the police when pedestrian accidents happen, because the insurance company will be hesitant to compensate an injury where there is no vehicular damage, even if the bodily injury is clear.

Commercial Truck Accidents – Commercial trucks can be involved in the same collisions as other vehicles, but because of the large size and heavy loads often hauled by trucks, they can be much more dangerous.

No matter what type of vehicle collision you are involved in, you can experience a car accident injury, and fault can be disputed.  Make sure you collect evidence, take photos or videos if possible, get names and phone numbers of witnesses, and always call the police.  Then, make sure you get to a doctor as soon as possible to be evaluated for injuries, and consult your attorney for your legal options.

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