Truck accidents can cause devastating property damage and debilitating injuries. Unfortunately, these crashes may be on the rise.

An 18 wheeler Semi-Truck sppeding on highway

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the number of fatal truck and bus wrecks increased by 3 percent in 2013 compared to the previous year. There were 73,000 trucks involved in injury crashes.

Due to the size and weight of commercial vehicles, occupants of passenger cars tend to suffer the worst of the impact. Many victims cannot return to work; some face overwhelming medical bills.

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Here are five common types of injuries in truck crashes:

  1. Broken Bones and Fractures

The force of a truck collision can break and shatter bones. Victims often require months to recover, during which they may not be able to generate income.

  1. Abdominal Trauma

According to Medscape, blunt abdominal trauma is a leading cause of death in all age groups. This is a common truck accident injury that usually happens when a driver or passenger hits a hard object such as the steering wheel or dashboard. Blunt force trauma to the abdomen can cause extensive damage to internal organs and may be difficult to treat.

  1. Cuts and Bruises

Cuts and bruises are common truck accident injuries. Even minor lacerations can be painful. They require immediate treatment to prevent infection.

In severe cases, accident victims can suffer lacerations to vital muscles, arteries and nerve tissue. This can be fatal or require extensive rehabilitation.

  1. Head and Neck Injuries

The force of a truck accident can cause concussions, whiplash and traumatic brain injuries. These can contribute to permanent cognitive damage and require a lifetime of rehabilitation. In addition to the medical bills, many victims are not able to return to work after suffering head and neck injuries.

  1. Limb Amputations

There are two types of limb amputations that may occur because of a truck accident. First, the force of the crash may cause an arm or leg to sever from the body. This is a traumatic and life-threatening event. Other times, the doctor may have to remove a limb to save the accident victim’s life.

Losing a limb can drastically alter the course of a victim’s life. He or she may not be able to return to work or enjoy the same active lifestyle. Prosthetics may help restore some freedoms, but these can be exorbitantly expensive.

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