Back injuries can be excruciatingly painful and prevent people from working and enjoying active lifestyles. Your spine is particularly vulnerable in a wreck, and even a slow-speed crash can cause complications.

Treatments for back injuries are often expensive, but if another driver caused the collision, you may be entitled to compensation to pay for health-care bills and lost wages. However, making a successful claim can be a legally complex process – especially if the at-fault driver denies liability or the insurance company undervalues your claim.

If you were injured by a negligent driver in Louisiana, contact an Alexandria car accident lawyer from Morris Bart, LLC. We can evaluate your crash and help you avoid mistakes such as settling for an amount that is less than what you deserve.

Call 800-537-8185 to schedule a free consultation. Until then, read on for a brief overview of compression fractures and slipped discs:

Compression Fractures

The back is particularly susceptible to stress fractures in an auto accident. Although anyone can suffer a stress fracture, the elderly are especially vulnerable.

According to WebMD, compression fractures are small cracks in the bones of the spine. These cracks can cause the vertebrae to collapse or deform over time.

Even a small spinal compression fracture can have severe consequences. It can interfere with the structure and shape of the spine, and may alter how the spine functions.

Many accident victims are not aware that they suffered compression fractures. The pain can range from mild to severe. Some people mistake fractures for natural symptoms of old age. The symptoms of a compression fracture are similar to those of arthritis, and because of this, many victims do not seek medical attention.

Slipped Disks

A slipped, or herniated, disk is another common back injury during a wreck. Your spinal column has 26 bones that are cushioned by disks. According to Health Line, these disks protect the bones by absorbing shock. They can only protect the bones from certain impacts – usually related to daily activities such as lifting, twisting and walking. In a sudden and severe impact, the disks cannot provide enough protection to the bones, and the force of an auto accident may be enough to damage them.

Symptoms of a slipped disc include:

  • Pain in the limbs;
  • Pain when sitting or standing;
  • Pain when walking;
  • Muscle weakness;
  • And a burning or aching sensation in the back.

Depending on the severity of the slipped disc, your doctor may recommend surgery. However, this is not always necessary.

Most patients can reduce pain and improve motor function by following a stretching and exercise program. A physical therapist can help you design a workout schedule for your specific condition.

Over-the-counter medicines may help reduce the pain. You should avoid physical activities until your condition improves.

If you suffered a back injury in a crash that another person caused, contact an Alexandria auto accident lawyer from Morris Bart, LLC. We can evaluate your case, gather evidence, structure your claim and handle settlement negotiations on your behalf. Call 800-537-8185 to schedule a free consultation.

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