Commercial Truck Accidents and Your Personal Injury

For obvious reasons, commercial truck accidents can be very dangerous.  Not only can these heavy vehicles can cause extensive damage to your vehicle and injury to your person, but also commercial vehicle insurers can be very aggressive with even minor claims.

Don’t be mistaken, insurance companies are professional litigators, especially commercial carriers.  Insurance companies have lists of attorneys on call and often have attorneys on staff to litigate claims.  Insurers are not intimated by a courtroom, for good reason.  Not only do they employ legions of attorneys, their adjusters are also very good at building evidence against claimants and minimizing the value of claims.

Big vehicles, big insurance policies

Commercial vehicles carry very large insurance policies, often a million dollars or more.  As a result, the insurance companies work very hard to keep commercial truck accident claimants from receiving any of this money.  For starters, insurers normally assign only the most experienced and aggressive adjusters to handle claims involving commercial policies.  These adjusters are tasked with keeping their claims payments as low as possible.  The best way to do this is by reducing the value of your claim.

The adjuster may offer to meet you in your home to bring a quick resolution to your claim.  In reality, the adjuster is focused on having you sign a release by any means necessary.  The adjuster may even offer a small sum for your pain and suffering, while “keeping the medical bills open.”  However, the medical coverage will be limited and only available for a short time.  Make no mistake, once you sign a release, even if your medical coverage remains open, your claim is settled and you have signed your rights away.  This is a dangerous game because injuries can easily get much worse as time goes on.  The insurance company is well aware of this.

Hire a professional personal injury attorney to handle your commercial truck accident case

Since the commercial truck’s insurance company has a team of professional litigators on their side, you should have a seasoned personal injury attorney on your side as well.  Before signing away your rights, call the commercial truck accident attorneys at Morris Bart for help.  The attorneys at Morris Bart, LLC are very experienced at handling commercial truck accident claims.  Call us now to discuss your case.

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