So you’ve been in a car accident and don’t know what to do or where to turn. You are hurt and need help. Who better to turn to than a friend or family member? After an accident, you are stressed, confused, and often overwhelmed. Most significantly, you are in pain. The insurance company is not on your side and you are having trouble getting answers.  In your time of need, ask a friend or family who they called for help.

Personal Injury Client Referrals One Big Happy Family

I work as one of the personal injury attorneys in Lafayette. I had a client that was so pleased with our work at Morris Bart, from the first day of representation through settlement, that he referred his sister to me when she was in an auto accident.

He knew that his sister would be in good hands at Morris Bart.

My client told his sister that she would have an attorney fighting to get her the treatment that she needed and full compensation for her injuries. There is no better endorsement than one from a person who has been through the exact same thing. The best personal injury clients are those that trust us.

My client was so pleased that he didn’t hesitate to tell his sister to call Morris Bart right away and get an attorney to work for her.

Client referrals are a vital part of this business.

A referral will allow a new client to start this process with confidence that he or she will be treated with respect and compassion. On the other hand, a client who has a bad experience will certainly share that concern with family and friends.

If a client is unhappy with representation, that sentiment will surely be passed on and those friends and family will turn elsewhere for help.

The attorneys at Morris Bart of Lafayette work tirelessly for their clients. Our goal is to ensure that a client would tell his or her friends and family to call us when they need help.

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