Your personal injury case consultation

If you have never contacted an attorney before, you may not know what to expect during an initial consultation.  Here’s what you can expect during that “One Call” when you first contact Morris Bart.

You will talk to a personal injury attorney

At many law firms, paralegals and assistants complete the intake process.  However, at Morris Bart, we have attorneys available to speak with you seven days a week, so you will speak with an attorney during that “One Call.”  Feel free to call us anytime, and we will make sure an attorney answers your legal questions.

The personal injury attorney will ask questions and evaluate your case

During that “One Call,” the attorney will ask you numerous questions in order to evaluate your case.  The attorney may ask you about your injuries, the circumstances of your accident, insurance information, and anything else that will assist them in making a determination regarding your case.

If Morris Bart cannot assist you with your personal injury case, we will try to find someone who can

Here at Morris Bart, we focus on personal injury cases.  However, we want to make sure that anyone who needs legal assistance gets the help they deserve.  So, if Morris Bart is not able to assist you, we will always try to point you in the correct direction.

Client Testimonials for Morris Bart

Jeremy from Lake Charles, LA was very pleased with the service he received from Morris Bart, LLC for his personal injury claim. View his testimonial below, and watch more Morris Bart client testimonials on our YouTube channel.

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