Every city, like Birmingham, Alabama, has accident statistics.  Alabama may rank higher or lower than other states in any particular category.

The important question is: What can be done to lower those statistics?

The Civil Jury System's Role In Accident Prevention

After all, the statistics represent real people who suffered injury or death in a motor vehicle crash.

The possible ways of reducing those statistics are many and could be the focus of countless articles, papers, and studies. Not driving impaired, reducing speed, paying better attention, not texting while driving, and countless other preventative steps can reduce the number of collisions.

These steps, however, are taken before a crash occurs with the hope of preventing one.

The focus of this article is what regular people can do after a crash occurs with the hope of preventing future crashes.

How does the system of civil juries work?

The civil jury system allow members of the community to weigh the facts and evidence of what happened in a motor vehicle crash and determine if the safety standards of the community have been violated. If the Jury finds that the safety standards have been violated, and thus caused harm to someone, the Jury then holds the responsible party accountable be awarding damages to the injured person. Well, that is the way it should work.

Far too often Juries make decisions not based on whether wrongdoing occurred, but on other, extraneous factors like prejudice or apathy to the victim, dislike of serving on the jury, or any other such immaterial factor.

Or, if the Jury does find wrongdoing occurred, the Jury doesn’t hold the wrongdoer accountable because it awards little or no damages to the injured party.

Personal injury cases can reduce overall accident rates.

When Juries make a determination of wrongdoing and award fair damages to the victim, it sends a message to the wrongdoer that breaking traffic safety rules does result in real consequences. Hopefully, the wrongdoer then drives more safely in the future. Moreover, drivers similar to the wrongdoer, will see that they will be held accountable if they don’t drive safely also. In the end, the victim receives justice and the community as a whole gets safer roads.

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