Cycling is a fun and healthy way to enjoy the summer sun, but it comes with inherent risks. According to the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center, 726 cyclists died in crashes with motor vehicles in 2014.


Children are particularly vulnerable to cycling accidents and injuries. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, pedestrian accidents cause 1 in 5 child traffic deaths.

If you or your child rides a bicycle often, remember these five life-saving tips:

  1. Wear an appropriate helmet;
  2. Make sure the bicycle is the correct size;
  3. Perform a pre-ride inspection;
  4. Make sure drivers can see you;
  5. And avoid riding at night.

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Here are five tips that can help you avoid bicycle accidents and injuries:

  1. Wear an Appropriate Helmet

Wearing a bicycle helmet will dramatically reduce your risk of injuries and death in a crash. According to the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute, at least 83 percent of cycling fatalities in the United States are riders who are not wearing helmets.

  1. Make Sure the Bicycle Is the Correct Size

Kids should never ride bicycles that are too big. Your child may struggle to control it, so he or she will be more likely to fall off or swerve into traffic.

Here is an easy way to find out if the bicycle is too large: Ask your child to stand over the bike. There should be 1 to 2 inches between your child and the top tube if it is a road bike, and 3 to 4 inches if it is a mountain bicycle. Your child’s knee should only bend slightly when fully extended.

  1. Perform a Pre-Ride Inspection

Teach your children to perform pre-ride inspections. They should confirm that the tires are the correct pressure, the seat is in the proper position, and the brakes are functioning correctly.

  1. Help Drivers Notice You

Make sure other drivers can see your child. He or she should wear a neon vest or bright colors when riding.

Reflectors on wheels, pedals, and clothing can make your child noticeable in low visibility. Also, install a light that your child can use when riding at dusk and dawn.

  1. Avoid Riding at Night

Cycling at night is dangerous, and you should encourage your child to avoid this whenever possible. Even with lights and reflectors, riding at night is dangerous due to drunk, drugged, and drowsy drivers.

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