Cycling is a healthy way for children and adults to commute, but all it takes is one negligent driver to cause a tragedy. As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explains, cyclists face a higher risk of crash-related deaths and injuries than occupants of motor vehicles.

Children who do not have experience riding bikes, or do not know the rules of the road, are particularly prone to accidents. Fortunately, there are steps that you and your kids can take to stay safe on the saddle:

  • Practice your riding skills;
  • Follow the ABCs of cycling;
  • Use the proper equipment;
  • And be street smart.

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Here are four bicycle safety tips that could save you or your child’s life:

  1. Practice Your Riding Skills

According to, it is important for children to work on their cycling skills hitting the road alone. They should know how to start, stop, ride in a straight line, look over their shoulders, and communicate with other road users. The more confident and proficient your children are on bicycles, the less likely they are to be in a crash.

  1. Follow the ABCs of Cycling

Teach your children the ABCs of cycling:

  • Air in the tires
  • Brakes
  • Chain

This will help them prepare before every ride. Low tire pressure, malfunctioning brakes and chain defects contribute to many accidents. Your children should also know how to fix common problems – especially if they ride long distances.

  1. Use the Proper Equipment

Make sure the bicycle is the correct size. Do not be tempted to purchase a larger bike in the hope that your child will grow into it. Likewise, when your child gets too big for his or her bike, replace it with one that is more suitable.

Purchase a helmet for your child, and enforce its use. This is the best protection that your child will have in an accident.

It is also important that your child is visible to other road users. He or she should wear bright clothing, and the bike should have reflectors on the front and back. If riding at night, make sure your child’s bike has lights.

  1. Be Street Smart

Teach your children to be street smart. Whenever possible, they should ride on a designated bike path, and they should never listen to music or use cell phones while moving.

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