A safe driver never needlessly endangers anyone. Careless danger is simply not allowed.  A safe driver respects the rules of the road, knowing the rules of the road are in place for the purpose of protecting those who use the roads from car accident injuries.  Safety rules establish that every driver owes a duty to every other traveler to exercise reasonable care to prevent car accidents.

Distracted Driving and Car Accident Injuries

Every driver knows that he or she must choose to pay attention.  Yet, driving distracted is more prevalent now than ever before.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Traffic Safety Notes for April 2012 tell us that the majority of drivers of all ages continue to drive when distracted by texting and driving, instead of pulling over to check or send messages.

The highest rate of those who continue to text and drive is seen in the youngest age group. 73% of drivers from age 18 to 20 continue to text and drive compared to 62% to 68% for other age groups.  It is not surprising that more car accident injuries occur when people drive while distracted.  Driving while using a cell phone reduces the amount of brain activity associated with driving by 37%.

Driving distracted has become so dangerous that Secretary Ray LaHood of the Department of Transportation has launched a website, http://www.distraction.gov/, to address the dangers of driving distracted.  In a recent press release, Secretary LaHood stated, “Distracted driving is a deadly epidemic that has devastating consequences on our nation’s roadways.”

Driver Safety Important in Car Accident Injury Lawsuits

In two of our recent jury trials this year in Mississippi, every prospective juror agreed that driving is more dangerous today that it ever has been.  During the jury selection process, one juror commented that we need to focus more on teaching driver safety to young people in the same way we teach things like drug and alcohol awareness.

There are many characteristics of a safe driver.  The list could go on for several pages.  But they all stem from one simple rule: Every driver must watch where he or she is going and see what there is to be seen.  While this is a rule we all know, it is one that many of us fail to follow.  But no one accidentally fails to pay attention.  It starts with a simple choice.

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