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Car accidents often affect more than just the people directly involved in them. For example, if tall trucks keep colliding with an overpass and officials eventually need to repair it, taxes may go up for people living in the area. Negligent or reckless driving, especially drunk driving, also takes a toll on Americans everywhere—both financially and emotionally.

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Alabama Power Customers Lose Electricity After Crash

According to, a car crash left a fairly large number of local Alabama Power customers without electricity late last week. A spokeswoman for the company claims a car hit a power pole, effectively causing an outage for 700 homeowners in the area.

Crews were able to restore power approximately one hour after customers reported it had gone out. Police have not released information regarding the accident, but it appears that no one was injured.

Local Police Chase Ends in Crash

AL reports on a police pursuit that ended in a crash late last week. According to the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office public relations administrator, they were assisting a local county in a pursuit when the car crashed. Someone from the neighboring county had called in to report a stolen vehicle before the chase ensued.

Police say the car they were chasing had flipped upside down at the scene of the crash, and responders had to take the driver to a local hospital. A few of the sheriff’s office vehicles were also damaged, but police have not confirmed any other injuries.

Fall Brings With It the Danger of More Deer on the Roads

Though there is very little some drivers can do when a deer darts out into the road directly in front of them, it never hurts to be especially wary of it this fall. The Daily Journal reminds Alabama residents that deer can seemingly come out of nowhere—and that they can do a number on both the car and its passengers if the driver hits one. Deer-vehicle accidents spike every fall around the state, as well as across the country.

From October to December, it can be especially dangerous to drive around areas with high deer populations. In 2013, deer caused more than 2,100 crashes in the state of Alabama alone, including one fatality and 180 injuries. Though some collisions are unavoidable, reckless or negligent driving can increase the chances of hitting deer.

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