Every car accident is a nerve-racking experience – especially if somebody suffers an injury. After a collision, your top priority is to seek medical care. There are also steps you should take at the crash scene that may help you recover compensation for medical bills, lost income and other damages.

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Here are six steps to take after a car accident:

  1. Do Not Leave the Scene

Do not panic and leave the scene of the accident. According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, leaving the scene of an accident before it is appropriate to do so can result in serious criminal consequences – especially if somebody was injured or killed.

  1. Call the Police and Emergency Services

Call the police and emergency services if there was serious property damage or an injury. Do not attempt to move or administer medical assistance to any victims unless they are in immediate danger.

When police officers arrive, ask them to file a report. Make a note of the officers’ names, badge numbers and station so you can get a copy of the report. You can also find accident reports on the Louisiana State Police website. If police officers do not attend the scene, you should visit your local station to file the report yourself.

  1. Gather Contact Details from All Drivers Involved

Make sure you get contact details from every driver. Write down their names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and plate numbers. Also, record their insurance details, and take photos of their driver’s licenses.

Be polite, but do not apologize. It may not be clear who caused the accident, and admitting fault certainly will not work in your favor.

  1. Talk to Witnesses

Witnesses can add valuable insight into the cause of the crash. Ask witnesses on the scene for their contact details. Your accident attorney may use their testimonies to strengthen your claim.

  1. Take Photographs

Take as many photographs of the scene as possible. Take wide-angle pictures to show the positions of vehicles. Take close-up photos of injuries, skid marks, debris and property damage.

  1. Treat Your Injuries

If emergency medical services arrive at the scene, request an evaluation. The shock and adrenaline can mask the symptoms of an injury, so you should seek medical attention even if you do not feel injured. If medical responders do not attend the scene, visit a doctor as soon as possible.

If you were injured in a wreck with a negligent driver, then you should not have to pay for medical bills and lost income out of your own pocket. Contact a Baton Rouge accident attorney from Morris Bart.

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