I got in a car accident near Shreveport and was knocked completely unconscious. I know I didn’t cause the accident, but I can’t remember any details. Can I still make a claim?

Car Accident Claims The Dos And Donts

Not being able to remember the details of an accident will not prevent you from making a claim.

There are other ways to collect information regarding your accident.

The police report, any witnesses, other people involved in the collision, or surveillance from surrounding businesses are only some of the ways that you can prove that you were not at fault for the accident even if you cannot remember anything.

Collect other accident information as soon as possible.

The weather, the time of day, street names, street lighting, and any other factors that may have contributed to the accident will be helpful.

Traffic cameras, if available, would be a good resource as well.

Although they are not installed into every red light or at every intersection, they can assist in showing the speed each vehicle was traveling and provide photographic evidence. So, knowing street names and your location would lead to other information that would assist in proving you are not at fault when you cannot remember the accident details.

Take pictures at the scene of the car accident.

Although it may not always be feasible to get pictures at the scene, if you leave the scene immediately due to your injury, taking pictures of the damage to your vehicle will help too.

Property damage is usually helpful in showing the point of impact.

The point of impact is the location of property damage on each vehicle showing where the vehicles came in contact with each other.

For example, if there is damage to the front of one vehicle and damage to the back of the other, this can help establish that the accident was a rear-end collision, even if the parties do not agree on this matter.

Do not give a statement with inaccurate information.

This is important if the police are asking for information to put in the police report. If you do not know the information, it is okay to say you do not remember.  It’s actually better to say you cannot recall an important detail, than to give the wrong information.

There may be more objective evidence at the scene of the accident than the parties’ personal recollections. Try to collect as much evidence as you can at the time and then retain a good personal injury lawyer on your behalf.

Hire a personal injury attorney.

Because you don’t have your own account to rely on, you need an auto accident attorney to assist you. Hire an experienced Shreveport attorney like Morris Bart to handle your  car accident claims so you can heal from your injuries.

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