Riding a motorcycle in bad weather is more than an inconvenience. Rain, fog and high winds can increase the likelihood of an injury accident. This is especially true when other drivers act negligently.

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The best way to avoid these dangers is not to ride in bad weather, but what if you don’t have a choice? Fortunately, there are safety tips that can save your life if an unexpected storm strikes.

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Read on for helpful tips that could save your life when riding in bad weather:

Safety Tips When Riding in Rain and Snow

Any form of precipitation can pose a hazard to motorcyclists. As the Motorcycle Safety Foundation explains, rain, hail, sleet and snow can make the roads treacherous.

Rainfall is particularly hazardous because it can draw oil to the surface of the road, making it slick. If you are unable to avoid the storm, Rider Magazine suggests the following safety tips:

  • If the rain is limiting your visibility, pull off the road and wait for the storm to pass. If you are on a highway, look for a bridge or overpass to provide cover.
  • Increase your following distance and avoid tailgating other vehicles.
  • Use anti-fog on your goggles or helmet visor to prevent the glass from misting.
  • Tap your brakes regularly to remove dirt and water from the rotors.
  • Make sure your headlight is on, and wear a reflective vest to improve your visibility.

The most important step you can take in wet weather is to reduce your speed and ride defensively. You will need more space to stop, and you are at risk of hydroplaning if there is water across the road surface. Avoid any sudden movements, and be cautious when applying the brakes.

Advice for Riding in Cold and Windy Conditions

Riding in the cold and wind can also be dangerous. Cold weather can reduce your reaction time, so make sure you dress in layers and wear a thick pair of insulated, full-finger gloves.

If the wind picks up, lean into it in order to maintain a safe riding position. Make sure you ride away from the centerline to avoid being blown into oncoming traffic.

Unfortunately, even the safest motorcyclists can get in accidents. If you were injured by a negligent motorist, contact a Lake Charles accident lawyer from Morris Bart, LLC. You may be entitled to compensation for lost income, health-care bills and other damages.

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