Recent and upcoming BP oil spill case deadlines

Recently, we have had several deadlines in the BP oil spill injury cases with which to comply.  First, the January 18, 2013 deadline for Oil Pollution Act presentment demands (also known as OPA claims) has been met for all those who were eligible.  This deadline was for people who timely Opted Out (got out of) the Deepwater Horizon Settlement, either because it did not apply to them (such as moratorium claims, insurance agent claims, or real estate developer claims) or the Settlement would not adequately compensate them based on the available documents they had.  Filing a timely OPA demand will allow us to file lawsuits against BP and other responsible entities before April 20, 2013.

Case deadline for Deepwater Horizon settlement seafood compensation claims

The next deadline we complied with was January 22, 2013.  This was when you had to timely submit your BP seafood compensation claim form in the Deepwater Horizon Settlement.  This deadline was also met for all eligible clients who timely provided us their proper documents.

Deepwater Horizon Settlement Economic Loss Claims Not Yet Filed

For those clients who have not yet filed their economic loss claim in the Deepwater Horizon Settlement Fund, for other individual claims and Business Claims, do not worry.  You have plenty of time to work with the BP oil spill disaster attorneys at Morris Bart to get your Economic Loss Claim filed.  The deadline to file your Economic Loss Claim has not been set, as the appeals process is still pending.

New Deepwater Horizon Mail Outs

We also understand that Judge Carl Barbier has allowed the Deepwater Horizon to send out another mail out asking you to revoke, or take back, your Opt Out.  You could hurt your claim if you do anything without speaking to us first.  Please do not sign or do anything with your BP oil spill disaster claim before speaking to the attorneys at Morris Bart first!

Upcoming Transocean Trial

Also, please be aware that the Transocean Trial will begin on February 25, 2013 in the United States Eastern District Court before Judge Barbier.  We anticipate this trial will last at least six months, and should allocate fault between the major defendants who are expected to be found at fault for the Deepwater Horizon rig sinking and subsequent Gulf oil spill.

Morris Bart Oil Spill Disaster Attorneys Are Here For You

As always, the BP oil spill claim lawyers at Morris Bart will continue to keep you informed as this case continues to unfold.  We appreciate all your time and continued cooperation.

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