Victims involved in car accidents often assume, for various reasons, that they cannot pursue a bodily injury claim against a car insurance company for a personal injury. For example, several of my clients have reported to me their concerns of not being able to file a car accident injury claim because their injuries were simply “not that serious.” They feel that because their pain is minor, they are not entitled to recover from an insurer. This is not the case. An injured party may assert a claim for his personal injuries sustained during a car accident, no matter how minor those injuries may be.

What If My Car Wasn’t Badly Damaged – Can I File a Bodily Injury Claim?

Other times, my clients have reported that they are unsure if they can pursue a car accident claim because their automobile sustained little or no damage in the accident.  Auto insurance company representatives generally recognize medical evidence which shows that it is possible for a person to be injured in an auto accident despite there being little or no damage sustained to his vehicle.  People with car accident injuries should not allow the severity of their injuries or property damage to discourage them from pursuing a bodily injury claim with an insurance company.

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There are three important elements of successfully pursuing a bodily injury claim with a personal injury attorney:

  1. To be successful in pursuing an injury claim, a claimant’s actions must not have been the cause of the car accident injury.
  2. There must be some applicable insurance coverage for the claimant to recover from.
  3. The claimant must have sustained some type of bodily injury as a result of the auto accident.

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