More often than not, motorcycle accidents cause injuries and property damage. Fatalities are also common – even in slow-speed crashes. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, motorcyclists are 26 times more likely than passenger vehicle occupants to die in collisions, and five times more likely to suffer injuries.

Motorcycle helmet next to skid marks on a road and a car

Motorcycles are difficult to see and can easily disappear in a vehicle’s blind spot. As a result, accidents are common when other drivers change lanes or turn left.

Fortunately, there are steps that bikers can take to reduce the likelihood of a crash. It is essential that riders know how to identify dangerous situations and avoid them.

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Until then, read on to learn how to avoid common motorcycle crashes:

Do Not Ride in Vehicles’ Blind Spots

A significant number of motorcycle accidents happen because drivers fail to check their blind spots. These crashes are common when vehicles change lanes.

According to Ride Apart, the best way to prevent this type of accident is to avoid riding in other vehicles’ blind spots. If you cannot see the driver’s face in his or her vehicle’s mirror, then the driver cannot see you.

Always look for signs that a car might change lanes in front of you. If a driver activates the turn signals, or if you notice the wheels changing angle, then expect the vehicle to turn or change lanes.

Be Cautious at Intersections

Vehicles that turn left in front of motorcycles contribute to a large portion of these accidents. There are several reasons why drivers make this error; for example, they may fail to see you or midjudge your speed.

The best way to avoid these accidents is to be cautious at intersections. Look for signs that the driver intends to turn. Be particularly vigilant if there is a gap in the traffic.

Practice defensive riding if you are moving through heavy traffic. Reduce your speed before intersections to give yourself more response time if a vehicle turns in front of you.

Motorcycle Safety Gear Could Save Your Life

Although defensive riding can help you avoid accidents, you may still fall victim to another driver’s negligence. However, wearing the right protective gear could prevent injuries and save your life. Your safety equipment should include:

  • A Snell- or DOT-certified helmet;
  • Body armor;
  • A leather jacket;
  • Riding boots;
  • And riding gloves.

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