Spinal cord injuries are debilitating, and they can cost a veritable fortune to treat. Each case is unique; while some patients notice immediate symptoms, others gradually develop back pain, numbness in the limbs and other complications.



Car accidents contribute to a significant number of spinal injuries in Louisiana. The force of a collision can cause the neck to thrust forward or backward violently. If drivers and passengers are only wearing lap belts, their torsos may jolt forward and cause vertebrae to separate. People who do not wear seatbelts often suffer the worst of the impact.

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Here is a brief overview of spinal cord injury treatments:

Immediate Treatment

Your top priority after any car crash is to seek medical attention. However, if your back was injured, try not to move. This can cause further damage, according to HealthCommunities.com. Emergency responders will attempt to immobilize your spine – usually by using collars and boards – before transporting you to the hospital.
Once the collar and board are in place, medical personnel will stabilize your breathing patterns and blood pressure. They will also take steps to reduce the risk of blood clots.

Doctors may administer steroids within eight hours of the injury. Patients who receive methylprednisolone shortly after a serious spinal injury stand a better chance of recovery.

When you are in a stable condition, you will be moved to a ward where nurses and doctors will perform additional tests and monitor your progress. They may also suggest surgery to alleviate pressure or remove foreign objects.

Long-Term Rehabilitation and Treatment

One of the most expensive and overwhelming parts of a spinal cord injury is the long-term rehabilitation. After the initial treatment, most patients will slowly transition to a long-term rehabilitation program, according to the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

The purpose of this program is to build strength and restore control of various bodily functions. Some patients have to relearn day-to-day tasks such as grooming, dressing and using the toilet.

Doctors may recommend consulting a psychologist and vocational therapist to help patients come to terms with the overwhelming changes. These professionals can offer short- and long-term coping strategies.

Injuring your spine can be devastating. In addition to the loss of physical abilities, you may face insurmountable medical bills. Although no amount of compensation can undo the trauma of a spinal cord injury, a successful claim may help you and your family maintain financial security.

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