Losing control of your vehicle can be terrifying. Although there are many causes of skids and spin outs in the Birmingham area, most of these situations involve drivers who are travelling too fast for the conditions. These scenarios are commonly referred to as “oversteer” and “understeer.” Understeer skids occur when the front tires of a car lose grip, and the vehicle is unable to turn the corner or follow a curve in the road. Oversteer occurs when a car’s rear tires operate at a greater slip angle than the front tires.

Unfortunately, some drivers do not travel at safe speeds – and other road users suffer the consequences. If you were injured in a crash that another motorist caused, contact a car accident lawyer from Morris Bart & Associates, LLC in Birmingham.

Overview of how understeer and oversteer can cause accidents:

The Dangers of Understeer

According to Driver 61, understeer skids usually occur when drivers enter a corner too fast for the conditions. If you enter a corner too quickly, there is a high likelihood that you will skid, and it is difficult to recover once the skid starts.

If you are travelling just a few miles per hour too fast for the corner, then you may be able to avoid the skid by letting off the gas and applying gentle pressure to the brakes. Look where you want the vehicle to go, and aim for a safe exit from the turn.

It is important not to give the car more steering when you enter an understeer skid. Although it is tempting to continue turning harder when the vehicle fails to respond, this will only compound the problem.

The Dangers of Oversteer

Oversteer can cause a vehicle to slide sideways, which can result in a drift or a dangerous spinout. Like understeer, oversteer usually happens when a driver is moving too fast for the conditions.

The best way to avoid oversteer is to ease your foot off the gas, focus on where you want to go, and steer in that direction. It is also important to take your foot off the brake. If your rear tires continue to slide, you can accelerate slightly to put some more pressure on them.

Most skids are due to negligent driving, and many result in serious accidents. Unfortunately, even responsible motorists are not immune to collisions.

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