Adverse weather contributes to 22 percent of all car accidents in the United States. Fog can be particularly dangerous because it impairs visibility, making it difficult to notice hazards in the road and to anticipate the actions of other drivers.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, driver error contributes to 94 percent of all motor-vehicle crashes. This data suggests that a significant portion of weather-related accidents could be avoided if drivers behave responsibly.

In particular, these five mistakes will increase your risk of crashing in foggy conditions:

  1. Using your vehicle’s high beams;
  2. Not reducing your speed;
  3. Listening to loud music;
  4. Driving unpredictably;
  5. And tailgating other vehicles.

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Let’s take a closer look at five mistakes you should avoid when driving through fog:

Mistake #1: Using Your Vehicle’s High Beams

It is tempting to turn on your car’s bright headlights when visibility is low, but this is dangerous in foggy conditions. In fact, high beams will decrease your visibility in the fog. According to Fox40, it is better to use your low beam headlights and turn on purpose-built fog lights.

Mistake #2: Not Reducing Your Speed

Fog can create the illusion that drivers are travelling slower than they really are. Even if you know the road ahead, it is important to reduce your speed when driving through fog. You may not be able to see hazards in time to avoid them. If you reduce your speed, then you will have more time to react.

Mistake #3: Listening to Loud Music

If it is difficult to see the vehicles around you, then turn off your radio and roll down your windows. You should be able to hear adjacent cars, which will help you anticipate their actions and avoid collisions.

Mistake #4: Driving Unpredictably

You should drive predictably in all weather conditions, but this is particularly important in the fog. Other drivers may not be able to see you clearly, so try to help them anticipate your actions. Always use your turn signals when making lane changes, and maintain a straight trajectory.

Mistake #5: Tailgating Other Vehicles

You can use the brake lights of the leading vehicle to guide your path, but do not follow too closely. If you cannot see hazards and vehicles ahead, then you never know when the car in front could hit the brakes.

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