I was recently in a wreck with an 18 Wheeler in Gulfport. I have been out of work for weeks due to injuries. My insurance company is offering me a settlement. Should I take it, or can an auto accident lawyer help me.

Auto Accident Stress and How to Eliminate It

The problems that are created due to an auto accident are often overwhelming.

What makes it overwhelming is that the problems usually occur all at once the instant the wreck occurs. The individual may be injured and in need of medical treatment.

Due to the injury and/or the damage to his or her vehicle, the person is unable to work. Medical bills begin to come in, but due to the loss of wages or lack of medical insurance, the person is unable to pay.

In the middle of the chaos, the insurance company, who is well aware of the auto accident stress, often will make the individual an offer to resolve the claim. The offer from the insurance company can create addition stress because the individual is desperate for money to pay for his or her damages, and at the same time, anxious because of the uncertainty associated with accepting the offer.

Should a quick settlement offer made by an insurance company be accepted when there are injuries and significant wage losses?

The short answer is no. Securing the assistance of an attorney will ensure that an individual’s claims against all responsible parties are determined and protected. Morris Bart is familiar with the rules and regulations that apply to drivers, eighteen-wheeler trucks and commercial vehicles in Gulfport, Mississippi. We know how to document and calculate your lost wage claim. An experienced injury lawyer like Morris Bart will not only protect the interest of an injured party to ensure that a settlement is fair and properly accepted, an attorney will take away the chaos and stress associated with an accident, so the individual can focus on recovering from his or her injury.

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