What is the most rewarding personal injury case you’ve ever worked on?

Attorney-Client Relationship Trust Creates Results

This question seems so easy to answer at first. Helping injured people is generally rewarding. Whether it’s just providing a kind ear to listen to what they’re going through, or intervening when insurance companies are playing games with your life, using the skills and knowledge I have gained representing the people of Alexandria for the past 15 years is a very satisfying career.

It’s tougher to answer this question when I realize just how many people I’ve helped over the years. How can I narrow it down? It might be easy to say it’s the case where the most money was recovered. However, the one that stands out most was the last case I took to trial.

When a personal injury claim turns into a lawsuit.

In that case, at every turn, the insurance company was unwilling to do the right thing and pay my client what he deserved. This was ultimately very frustrating for my client because he was in pain, his medical expenses were sky high, and it was so unfair.

The importance of trusting your personal injury attorney.

Taking his case the distance was so rewarding because my client and I were able to build a relationship where he trusted my advice and he had confidence in my case plan. This trust and confidence helped him feel comfortable with going to trial despite the risks he faced.

Ultimately, my client’s decision to go to trial rather than accept an unfair settlement offer paid off. The judge recognized the insurance company’s tricks and awarded my client all of his medical expenses, money for pain and suffering, as well as interest.

While most cases don’t go to trial, every case requires a solid attorney-client relationship. There will be times where the frustration, anxiety, and general inconvenience of dealing with being in a car accident will seem overwhelming.

When you trust your attorney and have confidence in your attorney’s advice and your attorney’s case plan, the rewards will follow.

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