I live in Shreveport, and my child was recently attacked by our neighbor’s dog. We’ve spent weeks in and out of the hospital and doctor’s offices. My child still needs additional medical care to fully recover. At what point should I start looking for injury attorneys? Will a lawyer be able to help me get compensation to pay for my child’s medical bills?

How animal bite cases are different

You should hire a Shreveport injury attorney as soon as possible.

Different and unique laws apply when a dog causes an animal bite injury to a person.

Dog bite cases can be tricky, and it’s important to retain at an early stage an aggressive and knowledgeable attorney who will work to make you and your child whole again.

Injury attorneys will work to get your child’s medical expenses paid by the at-fault party and additional compensation for her pain and suffering.

A dog bite case is slightly different from a typical personal injury case.

Your attorney will look for two specific things:

  1. Who is liable for your daughter’s injury—who’s at fault?
  2. Who has the coverage for the incident—who has the money—insurance or personal assets to compensate your daughter for her injury?

The “who” is not always so easy when dealing with an animal that causes an injury.

For example, another person aside from the owner, such as someone who was supposed to be watching or caring for the dog, may be liable instead of or in addition to the owner, and an injury attorney can do things you cannot necessarily do on your own in this regard.

An experienced attorney will have the resources and know-how to track down the dog’s owner, care taker, homeowner, landlord, property management, and any other party or company that may be liable for the attack. Your attorney will also have the resources to track down the coverage—the insurance or assets—needed to compensate your daughter for her pain and suffering and ensure that all her medical expenses are paid.

After a traumatic event such as this, you should be focused on your child and her recovery—not making sure you have everything you need to prove your claim. Your attorney knows how important it is to preserve evidence and obtain statements from as many witnesses as possible. Evidence and eye-witnesses have a way of disappearing with time, and a personal injury attorney knows how to track down, and lock down, the evidence needed to prove your daughter’s claim so you can focus on what’s really important, your child.

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