Getting in an auto accident seems to come out of nowhere and puts everything else in your life on hold. It can be a huge inconvenience, but there are steps you can take to make it as painless as possible. And if it comes to it, Morris Bart will work hard and fast to put you in control of the situation. But before contacting Morris Bart for personal injury legal representation, here’s what you need to keep in mind after an accident occurs.

Rules for the Scene of an Auto Accident Injury

The moments right after an accident can be disorienting but remaining calm and acting fast will work to your advantage. Whether you’re involved in an automobile accident, offshore accident, commercial truck accident or pedestrian accident, remember to follow these rules:

  • Stay at the scene: It’s important to stay on the scene no matter how minor or severe an accident is until everyone has been accounted for and a police report has been filed. Checking if anyone got hurt is not only considerate but can help prove you did not abandon the collision.
  • Call the police: Contact the police immediately after the accident occurs. If anyone appears to be injured, request medical attention. Even if the damage is minimal, filing a police report is necessary to have a record of the accident and documentation of all the details.
  • Record information: Regardless of what information the police gathers for their report, make sure to take down your own for personal records. Definitely get contact information for anyone else who was in the accident including phone numbers, addresses and email as well as driver’s license and license plate numbers. In addition to gathering general information, use a camera phone to take photos of any damage, and of the other vehicles with their license plate numbers. Obtaining witnesses’ accounts of the accident will prove very useful if it becomes a legal matter.

For a convenient on-site checklist, refer to this printable accident information card.


If you or anyone else involved in the accident is clearly injured, seek medical attention immediately! Other injuries can result from an accident even if they aren’t readily detected, like internal tissue or organ injuries, which is why you should always make a doctor’s appointment to get checked out. A medical record of any physical harm will be important for proving your case should you need to.


Once you’ve taken all these steps, you’re ready to call Morris Bart. Morris Bart‘s experienced and astute team of personal injury lawyers will be able to identify any negligence caused by the other parties involved and what compensation you could win as a result. Morris Bart can help you recover the full amount of any loss due to lost wages, medical expenses, property damage, funeral expenses or any mental suffering inflicted as a direct result of an accident.

So don’t forget these steps if you are ever a victim of an accident and remember to call Morris Bart to help you bounce back fast!

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