When you’re injured in an auto accident, the first question that comes up is who to hold responsible for your personal injuries. That question may be easy to answer if you are the victim of an individual driving their personal vehicle. However, it can be more confusing if you are in a car accident with a service vehicle, like a taxi or limousine.

Taxi drivers often drive for larger taxi companies, like United or Yellow Cab, but the driver may be an employee of the company, or the driver may be an independent contractor. This distinction is key, because the law says that employers are responsible for the negligent acts of their employees. However, a company may not be responsible for the negligent acts of an independent contractor, including your car accident injury.

Who is Responsible for Car Accidents with Taxi Cabs and Service Vehicles?

Determining employee versus independent contractor status is not as simple as merely labeling someone one or the other. Instead, you will look at the actual relationship that exists between a company and the driver. Who owns the car? How is the driver paid?  And most importantly, who controls the drivers activities and work schedule? If a driver owns the car, the taxi permit, and makes his own hours, he likely is an independent contract.  In that case, the larger taxi company is off the hook. That’s why most taxi drivers buy their own liability insurance.

When you are in a car accident with a taxi cab or any kind of vehicle, make sure to get as much information as possible at the scene of the accident, so that issues like this can be resolved quickly.  Make sure the police are involved and issue a police report. Get the driver’s name, ask the driver if they are on the job, and make note if there is a company name on the car. Take photos! Give all that information to your personal injury lawyer, and let them figure it out.

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