Riding a motorcycle is a thrilling experience – and there’s no better way to enjoy the rush than to hit the road with friends. However, riding in a group is not the same as riding alone, and if you do not adjust your behavior, then you may end up causing an accident.

Crashed Motorcycle

Here are five tips to help you avoid a motorcycle wreck when riding with friends:

  1. Host a meeting before you hit the road
  2. Agree on a riding formation
  3. Choose a lead and sweep rider
  4. Inspect your motorcycle
  5. Avoid showing off

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Let’s take a closer look at five tips for avoiding motorcycle accidents when riding in a group:

  1. Host a Meeting before You Hit the Road

Even if all the riders in your group are experienced, it is always a good idea to discuss safety etiquette in a pre-ride meeting. Your group should agree on where to meet, stopping points, what to do if someone gets lost, and when the ride will end.

  1. Agree on a Riding Formation

Your risk of crashing will increase significantly if your group does not establish a riding formation. It is best to stagger the riders to minimize the risk of contact.

The leader should ride on the left side of the lane, and the second rider should be on the right side of the lane and stay one second behind the leader. This formation will give riders plenty of room to maneuver if they encounter an obstacle in the road.

  1. Choose a Lead and Sweep Rider

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation reminds motorcyclists to select a sweep and lead rider before they depart. The sweep rider will ride in the rear and the leader will ride in front.

It is the lead rider’s responsibility to warn the group about obstacles in the road ahead. The sweep rider’s job is to set the pace for the group.

  1. Inspect Your Motorcycle

Before your group departs, every rider should inspect these components:

  • Oil and fuel levels
  • Tires and wheels
  • Chassis
  • Lights
  • Safety equipment such as the helmet, gloves, boots and jacket
  • Throttle and brake cables
  1. Avoid Showing Off

You may be tempted to show off in front of your friends, but doing so could endanger your life and the lives of other riders in your group. Play it safe by riding predictably, obeying traffic laws and respecting other road users.

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