Girl trying to avoid road rage Road rage is a serious issue. While it is understandable to be upset with other drivers when they cut you off or are driving aggressively, it is extremely important to remain calm and avoid any escalation with other drivers. Road rage incidents are becoming more and more dangerous. One study found that in Tennessee alone, there were 69 road rage incidents involving firearms between 2014 and March of this year.* In order to avoid potentially deadly or dangerous incidents involving, it is important to understand how to prevent and manage any road rage you may experience as a result of other drivers.

1. Don’t take it personally

First, do not take the other drivers’ actions personally. The vast majority of the time, other drivers on the road are not purposefully trying to upset you: they are simply careless or not paying attention on the road. Understanding that most of their acts are a result of carelessness or inattentiveness is important because most of the time, any incidents that may induce road rage are simple mistakes. We all make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes are cutting someone off in traffic if you’re not paying close enough attention, or cannot see them in your blind spot, or end up following someone too closely without realizing it.

2. Relax

There are a few techniques you can utilize to help yourself relax and calm down if you feel like another driver is causing you to experience road rage. Take some deep breaths, evaluate the situation and realize that no one is trying to upset you, turn on soothing or relaxing music, imagine that a friend or family member is driving the other vehicle, or think about how much worse the situation will be if your road rage causes you to get in a wreck or get a ticket. By utilizing these techniques, or even others that might work better for you to help you relax, you will experience less stress as well as avoid any potential incidents on the roads.

3. Do not escalate the situation

Next, it is important to avoid the road rage other drivers might experience due to a mistake you made on the road. DO NOT ESCALATE any potential confrontations. If other drivers are trying to instigate a confrontation, simply slow down and get of their way: do not engage them or argue. By engaging another driver that is experiencing road rage, you will only make the situation worse. While it may seem difficult to simply ignore the road raging driver, it is the best course of action. Road rage incidents are becoming more common and dangerous. “Walking away” from the situation and “turning the other cheek” will help to prevent any potentially dangerous or deadly confrontations with another driver who is experiencing road rage and may not be able to control his or her actions.

4. Think about the big picture

Finally, think about the big picture. No matter what the other driver did to you, or what the other driver thinks you did to them, getting to your destination safely is the most important goal. There are enough hazards on the road: letting your anger or another person cause a potentially deadly hazard or confrontation is unnecessary and unwarranted and does nothing to get you to your destination faster, and only leads to trouble.

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