Never assume that other drivers will comply with traffic signals

Aside from honest negligence or simple failure to pay attention, many drivers are often in a rush to reach their destination and consciously try to avoid delays by rolling through stops, running yellow lights (often at breakneck speeds!), and willfully ignoring traffic controls.  Many very serious accidents could be avoided if more drivers would just wait a few seconds after a red light turns green before entering an intersection.  Such a simple and easy precaution could save your life!

Rule #2: Slow down at all intersections, even those without traffic signals

Many accidents may also be avoided if more drivers took greater care to slow down at uncontrolled, un-œsigned intersections.  When traveling the roadway, all drivers have the duty to reduce their speed as they approach an unmarked intersection to ensure that it is free of other traffic.  Never assume that others will yield to you “ even if they are œsupposed to!

Rule #3: Whenever possible, always keep a car length’s space on all sides of your vehicle

Defensive driving 101: when traveling in moderate to heavy traffic, always keep some distance between your car and those around you.  Having an invisible buffer area could prevent you from causing or being the victim of both rear end and side-swipe accidents!

Rule #4: Frequently check your mirrors and always signal and check your blind spot before changing lanes

It only takes one glance at the car radio, your phone, or other occupant of your vehicle to miss another driver on the roadway entering your blind spot.  All drivers travel at different rates of speed, and I am sure we have all experienced that one crazy driver who œcomes out of nowhere.  Avoid a collision with him by frequently checking your mirrors, engaging your blinker, and physically turning your head around to check your blind spot before making any lane changes.

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