When Uber was founded in 2009, the concept of ridesharing was met with both criticism and praise. Although the service is more convenient and cheaper than traditional taxis, there were concerns about insurance liability and passenger safety.

In 2015, Uber announced the formation of a global safety advisory board to address these concerns. The rideshare giant also invested in a commercial vehicle insurance policy, which covers drivers when they are on the clock and carrying passengers.

Despite these measures, it is important that passengers are proactive about their safety when using rideshare services. Here are four tips to keep in mind when using Uber and Lyft:

  1. Research your driver
  2. Wait inside
  3. Let someone know
  4. Check the driver’s ratings

Unfortunately, even the safest passengers cannot prevent all accidents. If you were injured in a crash involving a rideshare vehicle, contact Morris Bart & Associates, LLC.

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Let’s take a closer look at four tips to keep you safe when using a rideshare service:

  1. Research Your Driver

The rideshare app will contain details about the driver. The Cato Institute recommends that you confirm the driver in the vehicle looks like the person in the app profile. Also, verify the license plate tag and the vehicle make and model.

  1. Wait Inside

Waiting outside for your driver to arrive can leave you vulnerable and exposed, increasing the risk of violent crime such as muggings. Stay inside and wait for your driver to alert you when he or she arrives.

  1. Let Someone Know

Always tell someone where you are going and with whom. Texting a family member or friend about your intentions will make sure someone knows your whereabouts. With the Uber app, you can send your location directly to a loved one and share information about your trip with your contact list, including arrival times and routes.

  1. Check the Driver’s Ratings

Both drivers and passengers can rate their experiences with each other on the app. You can read these reviews to find out if the driver is professional and punctual.

Who Is Liable for Damages after an Uber Accident?

Uber accidents are more complicated than traditional collisions when it comes to assigning insurance liability. There are several factors to consider when determining who is responsible for your damages such as:

  • Whether the driver was on the clock
  • Whether the driver was carrying passengers
  • Who caused the crash

A personal injury attorney can evaluate your case to determine who is liable for your medical bills, lost income and other damages. If the incident happened in Alabama, contact Morris Bart & Associates, LLC.

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