The top priority of every driver should be safety. This is particularly true for commercial truckers whose vehicles are up to 30 times heavier than passenger cars.

Unfortunately, tractor-trailer accidents are alarmingly common in the United States. Large truck wrecks killed 3,660 people in 2014 and injured thousands more. In addition to the loss of life, these collisions cost trucking companies a veritable fortune in repair bills, personal-injury claims and damaged cargo.

In an effort to reduce these financial losses, many trucking companies install tracking devices, such as electronic data recorders (EDR), on their vehicles. This strategy works by:

  1. Making drivers more conscious of their actions;
  2. Identifying early signs of mechanical issues;
  3. Providing data to improve business processes; and
  4. Providing data to help employees improve their driving habits.

Sadly, even the latest technology cannot make truck drivers immune to accidents. If you were injured in a CMV crash that another motorist caused, contact Morris Bart & Associates, LLC.

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Let’s take a closer look at four reasons why trucking companies should install tracking devices on their vehicles:

  1. Make Drivers More Conscious of Their Actions

Electronic data recorders can track information about high speed, average speed, sudden braking, hours on the road and seat belt use. When a fleet manager or business owner can monitor these metrics, drivers are less likely to violate Hours of Service Regulations and behave recklessly. Employers also have an opportunity to reward their workers for safe driving.

  1. Identify Early Signs of Mechanical Issues

Some electronic data recorders can monitor a truck’s tire pressure, fluid levels and engine performance. This will help vehicle owners identify minor mechanical problems before they become major issues.

If the owner of a truck fails to perform reasonable maintenance and this causes an accident, the truck owner may be liable for victims’ medical bills, lost income and other damages. As such, catching mechanical problems early not only can reduce repair bills and prevent breakdowns, but it also may help you avoid being on the wrong end of a personal-injury lawsuit.

  1. Provide Data to Improve Business Processes

EDRs can provide data about fuel consumption and hours on the road. Trucking companies can use that information to optimize drivers’ routes.

  1. Provide Data to Help Employees Improve Their Driving Habits

Modern EDRs transmit their data to cloud storage systems. This means employers can access real-time information about a driver’s performance from any Internet-enabled device. They also can create comprehensive reports for drivers, which will help them identify and improve weaknesses in their performance.

If you were injured or lost a family member in a truck crash, contact Morris Bart & Associates, LLC to speak with a truck accident lawyer in Montgomery. Call 800-537-8185 to schedule a free case evaluation.


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