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Motorcycle accidents are likely to end in severe injuries. Even with the appropriate safety gear, riders can suffer broken bones, lacerations, brain damage and worse.

An essential part of motorcycle crash prevention is to know the factors that contribute to wrecks. Common causes of accidents include:

  1. Heavy traffic
  2. Uneven road surfaces
  3. Speed wobble
  4. Riding in other vehicles’ blind spots

The vast majority of auto collisions involve driver error. Speeding, distracted driving, and other reckless behaviors can cause devastating crashes.

Here are four common causes of motorcycle wrecks:

Heavy Traffic

Heavy traffic increases the likelihood of accidents. Distracted driving can be particularly dangerous at rush hour. Rear-end accidents are common, and these can eject motorcyclists off their bikes and into oncoming traffic.

If you are riding a motorcycle on a busy road, reduce your speed. Ride defensively and try to predict the actions of other vehicles. Also, monitor the vehicle behind you to make sure the driver is paying attention.

Uneven Road Surfaces

Gravel, sand, oil and debris can cause a serious and unexpected motorcycle accident. Even with the appropriate tire tread, motorcycles are less stable than passenger vehicles.

You should be particularly vigilant when riding on a slippery, sandy or uneven surface. Reduce your speed and do not lean significantly when turning or changing lanes.

Speed Wobble

Although riding a motorcycle at high speeds certainly is thrilling, this increases the likelihood of a crash. Traveling at a high velocity reduces the amount of time that riders have to avoid unexpected hazards, and it increases stopping distance. Also, the bike may enter a speed wobble.

Speed wobble happens when the front tire becomes unstable and starts to shake. According to, once you reach this point, there is very little you can do to salvage the situation; a crash may be inevitable. This is why motorcyclists should never speed. If a speed wobble happens, try to align your front and rear tires, and brake gently.

Other Vehicles’ Blind Spots

Motorcycles are small enough to disappear in a vehicle’s blind spot. This is the cause of a significant number of motorbike crashes.

As a rider, you should always avoid other vehicles’ blind spots whenever possible. Also, give other drivers plenty of space if they are turning or merging.

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