A tow truck arrives on the scene of an accidentDistracted driving is a danger for all motorists, regardless of vehicle type, but operators of trucks and commercial motor vehicles need to be especially careful because larger vehicles can cause significantly more damage in the event of an accident. CMV drivers often have a lot of important tasks to consider while behind the wheel, including contacting dispatch and navigating unfamiliar terrain, and these increase the chance of a wreck.

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  1. Beware of Distractions outside Your Truck

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration highlights the importance of staying focused on the task of driving at all times. CMV operators must avoid distractions outside of the cabin. These include advertising billboards, buildings, pedestrians and car accidents.

According to the FMCSA, anything that makes you take your eyes off the road or your mind off the task of driving can be a danger. Only pay attention to those tasks that will keep your focus on the road, as well as on the cars and potential dangers around you.

  1. Use Caution with Dispatching Devices

The FMCSA claims that using a dispatching device while driving can be a dangerous distraction. These devices allow truckers to communicate with a dispatcher, and they may be useful in helping them find their delivery destination or maintaining their logs; however, they can also take attention away from the road. Many people consider dispatching on the road as dangerous as texting while driving.

Most trucking companies no longer allow drivers to use dispatching devices while driving. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Large Truck Accident Causation Study, using a dispatching device while driving increased the chances of an accident by a factor of nine.

  1. Plan ahead for Reading, Writing and Navigating

Most CMV drivers have a variety of documents and notes regarding their deliveries. While many drivers believe they can update notes, read directions or navigate to destinations while driving, these pose a significant risk.

Taking your eyes off the road to read a note, even briefly, is dangerous. According to the FMCSA, it is far safer to navigate using an automated GPS device that you have already set up, and to pull over if you need to go through any documents or maps.

Even though most CMV operators are safe and highly experienced drivers, accidents can still happen. If you were in a crash with a truck, call Morris Bart, LLC for assistance.

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