photodune-712490-accident-concept-xsIn the majority of car accident claims, courts will attempt to determine who caused the crash. The courts will usually hold the negligent driver accountable for damages, and if only one driver is negligent, a judge will typically declare him or her at fault. In most serious car accidents, it is possible to prove that one driver was more negligent or at fault than the other, but there are occasions when an individual who was not driving at the time acted negligently and caused the accident indirectly.

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Here are three circumstances when the driver may not be liable for injuries in a collision:

  1. Employees

Under certain circumstances, the law may hold the driver’s employer responsible for any crashes or injuries that occur during the course of the employee’s working day. According to Louisiana State University, if an employee crashes while in a private vehicle, he or she may still receive coverage for a certain amount of damages, though there are certain limits and restrictions that apply to this scenario.

  1. Children

According to the Louisiana Law Review, there are certain circumstances where the courts will hold an adult liable for any injuries or damage that occur while a child is driving his or her car. This includes if a parent negligently lends a car to a minor with the knowledge that the child is not experienced enough to drive.

  1. Incompetent Driver

According to Louisiana State University, an individual who hands possession of his or her car to someone who is an incompetent driver may be liable for damages. If the incompetent driver causes a serious crash with property damage, fatalities or injuries, affected individuals may possibly seek damages from the vehicle’s owner, rather than the incompetent driver. Under these circumstances you may need to prove that the vehicle owner knew the driver was incompetent and that he or she negligently handed over possession of the vehicle.

If you sustained injuries in a car crash, it is important to remember that there may be multiple avenues to explore in order to recover damages. You could be eligible for compensation for various expenses related to the accident.

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