car crashed during road accident on urban streetThousands of people across the United States sustain serious or fatal car accident injuries each year. Motorcycle accidents are a particular concern in the state of Alabama, and research suggests that vehicle collusions have a significant financial impact on citizens across the state.

A study conducted by FindTheData indicates that there are up to 800 fatal car crashes in Alabama each year. In 2010, there were up to 860 fatalities because of collisions. The injury count is significantly higher, and many people who are in serious accidents struggle to return to a normal life afterward because they face steep medical bills and lost wages due to an inability to work.

Many people who are in collisions do not realize that delayed pain or injuries can be related to the car accident, and it is important to understand what injuries to expect should you be in a collision. At Morris Bart & Associates, LLC, we help people who are suffering from injuries due to an accident caused by another individual or organization.

We have a large team ready to look through your case and determine if you may have a valid claim. It may be possible for us to help you file a lawsuit and recover damages associated with medical costs and lost wages. Call us today at 1-800-537-8185 to schedule an appointment, and an experienced Mobile personal injury attorney will help you through the process.

Here are three common car accident injuries to be aware of and seek treatment for, even if you do not show signs of injury immediately after the crash:

  1. Head Injuries

Head injuries are serious, and symptoms may take time to manifest after a car accident. According to Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center, car accidents are the second most common cause of these injuries.

Head injuries are dangerous because patients may not show any immediate symptoms nor have any external damage. An experienced doctor can evaluate you after a crash and conduct scans to determine if you have suffered any traumatic head injuries in the impact.

  1. Neck Injuries

Neck injuries can range from minor but painful whiplash to more severe lasting damage. Even seemingly small crashes can cause debilitating neck injuries, and pain and symptoms may only develop over time.

  1. Back Injuries

Backs are particularly susceptible to injuries in car crashes. Injuries to the lower back can reduce mobility and cause extensive pain, and it is important to evaluate all symptoms that indicate you might have injured your back.

Car accident injuries can cause lasting pain and significant discomfort, particularly if you do not treat them immediately. If you sustained injuries in an accident, call Morris Bart & Associates, LLC today at 1-800-537-8185.

A Mobile personal injury lawyer can look through the specifics of your case and determine if you may have a valid claim for medical expenses related to the accident. We have an extensive team of experienced legal professionals ready to give you the attention you deserve.

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