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Not every injury happens to be commonly dealt with. Bitten by your neighbors pet? Get the attorney that bites back! The associates of Morris Bart understand how to pursue these types of cases, and not every personal injury attorney does. Some veer away from what they don’t fully understand the ins and outs of, but our well-versed lawyers have no reason to fear finding justice for you.

In addition, we can assist you with the harmful effects of prescription medications or other consumed products like food, drinks, or drugs. Even the daily products that you use can sometimes end up surprising you and ending in an injury. We’ve got a personal injury attorney that can take care of you.

This does not mean that every case is accepted. After all, all cases are unique and entail various detail that may change everything. However, there is absolutely no harm – or cost – in reaching out to us and simply finding out. It’s easy, it’s free, and it could very well change your life in a positive way.


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MS PERSONAL INJURIESThe easiest, fastest and most reliable way to get a consultation from one of our attorneys is to dial 800-818-0934 . However, it’s not the only way. We offer other absolutely free options for a consultation via email or live chat. These can be found directly off our website. Anyone from our office would be glad to assist you by accepting the details of what happened. After that, an attorney will review your potential case and provide you with feedback on what can be done for you.

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