Morris Bart Attorneys are Leaders in New Orleans Personal Injury Law

Morris Bart Attorneys are Leaders in New Orleans Personal Injury Law

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Motor vehicle accidents constitute the majority of cases, he said, but the firm also handles mass tort class actions such as the Fen-Phen case and a more recent one arising from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

“We have hundreds of businesses and individuals that we represent that were affected by the spill,” Bart said. “We’ve been active not only in working with the Gulf Coast Claims Facility in attempting to get a fair settlement for our clients, but we’ve been active with the litigation team in federal court in preparing for the trial.”

Bart, who leads the firm’s pharmaceutical and medical sections, typically plots strategy rather than taking a prominent presence in the courtroom. “At this stage, I’m not the first chair,” he said. His community work includes the United Way and the Jewish Federation, “which is like the United Way of the Jewish community in New Orleans,” he said.

Along with enjoying the excitement of the game, he also cheers the economic impact of the New Orleans Hornets. “It’s tremendous as far as attracting business and talented individuals to the New Orleans area,” he says. He has partnered with the organization in a community service program called Bart’s Bees. Students at five participating elementary schools who earn a B or better receive game tickets, T-shirts, bookbags and other loot. Bart also provides financial support to Newman, Country Day and McGehee, as well as his alma maters, the University of New Orleans and Loyola University College of Law.

“If you plant that love of learning, that seed of education, into a lower-school child, then that child has a good chance of succeeding in life,” Bart said.

– Sonya Stinson

This article was originally printed in the March 2012 Leadership in Law issue of CityBusiness.

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